The first Gurudwara in the World to receive ISO Certification

A rare piece of architectural design - A blend of modern and traditional building style - It envelopes all within its warm embrace, irrespective of cast or creed – bringing peace, solace and hope for one an all.It is both a celebration of life, and a monument to the glory of the One Who created it, a shrine of grandeur with a sense of homely peace.

3 Hours Available on request

What is included in the tour

Pick up from your hotel
Visit to Guru Nanak Darbar Sahib at Jabel Ali Gurudwara

Visit and Photo Stop at the Krishna Temple

Return Pick up and Drop back to Hotel 
(Timings can be any or can be clubbed with the Tours)


The Guru Nanak Darbar is a Sikh gurdwara (place of worship) at Jebel Ali Village in Dubai, founded in 2012


The ultra-modern Gurudwara is a rare piece of architectural design- A blend of modern and traditional building style. Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar is the manifestation of this Truth. It envelopes all within its warm embrace, irrespective of caste or creed – bringing peace,solace, hope for one and all. The profusion of designs-the balance of colours-the rhythm and sparkle of the ornaments-the variety of textures-all come together in a perfect synthesis. While the eye is caught by the incredible detail, on which its gaze cannot help but linger, it is the sum of the whole that really evokes the splendor of the Temple. It is both a celebration of life, and a monument to the glory of the One Who created it, a shrine of grandeur with a sense of homely peace.

Standing apart from the church complex, the beige coloured Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Sahib has three levels of underground car parks, and two floors above ground. Each basement is measured 25,000 square feet that can contain parking space for up to 140 cars. As you step through the sacred portico, its sublime beauty catches the eye and captures the senses. There are three floors-The 21,000 square feet ground floor houses the dining hall, Kitchen, Pantry and store rooms. The reception desk and Gurdwara office are also on the ground floor. There are plenty of convenience rooms for gents and ladies. Proper shoe storage or Jora Ghar facilities are available in several areas since shoes are not allowed to be worn in the Gurudwara. There is a headscarf stand – as both men and women must cover their heads inside the Gurudwara. There are 35 full time staff and dozens of volunteers who help at busy times. On the exterior of the Gurdwara Sahib, there is a 54 meter Parikarma covered with traditional grill work. The water body flowing around the road frontage is inspired by the Sarovar of the Golden Temple. It casts a surreal reflection of the building facade with the cascade feature lending the sound of flowing water. There are two main entrances to the complex, one from each access road.

On entering the building, one is in awe of its sheer grandeur and the attention to detail-The grand staircase is designed to hold a huge traffic of people going up and down. It is flattered by tall windows radiating natural light from stained glass that perfectly magnifies space. The Gurudwara Sahib is designed to cater the special needs of senior citizens. There are elevators too for the elderly and physically challenged.
The pillar-less Prayer Hall on the first floor has two doors leading into it. Ornate 24-carat gold canopies for the Guru Granth Sahib. Italian marble on the walls and floor. And stunning chandeliers from Murano, Italy. The floor is carpeted with a beautiful soft purple carpet where all devotees sit facing the platform. In the middle of the hall is a raised platform, about one meter above the floor, with carved gold-plated pillars on all fours sides. Above the platform is gold-plated lotus-shaped dome. Inside this gold plated dome is lined with a piece of cloth having a gold lace at the edge around it, giving a royal symbol.

Placed on the platform, is the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Ever since it’s “Prakash” - Sri Harmandar Sahib has always had a Chandoa Sahib – a canopy – over Sri Guru Granth Sahib. It is covered by several Rumala Sahibs or square pieces of cloth. Chandoa literally means a cover with the inscription of a moon on it. It has its origin in Islamic culture. In Sikhism, Sri Guru Granth Sahib represents the Almighty; hence a Chandoa is used as a matter of respect. Sitting on the platform is the Granthi Singh or the Giani, who while reading from the Holy Granth also, uses a Chaur Sahib -Yak hair or manmade fiber embedded in a metal placed with a wooden handle. This is waved over the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as a symbol of respect. Towards the right of this platform, is a slightly raised platform used for Kirtan singings and for giving religious lectures. The Ragis or the singers in the temple, who perform in the prayer hall on rotation, are hired from India. All day long the sanctum reverberates with the sounds of the Gurbani (Hymns).  A sense of calm descends as strains of shabads, fill the air. Each day, devotees throng here in thousands to pay their respect to their Guru.

There are chairs around the outside of the room for the elderly and impaired.  These are set below the main ground so no person is sitting higher than the Platform where the Sri Guru Granth Sahib is placed;
The 7.2 meter soaring ceiling is elegantly crowned by the astounding 18 meter diameter dome roof. The column free hall is surrounded in circular form by the classical arch windows. These windows give lots of natural light during the day – thereby conserving on energy. One will be left in pure reverence and feel grandeur in experiencing the ambience of the hall.


Daily Served Langar at Gurudwara - Complimentary by Gurudwar
Karaha Prasada - at Prayer timings
Langar in Day lunch time and Evening at Dinner Time

Terms & Conditions

Decent Dress code to be Followed in Temples and Gurudwara
Head to be Covered with Scaff Provided at The Gurudwara Enterance
As its Holy Worship Place and open to all Religions and Communities, Visitors, worshipers, devoties
to remove your shoes and sleepers at stations place assigned outside the Holy Gurudwara  & Temple